Rafael Zarazua - glass

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Night terrors


Our fears when we were children were real, as real as anything else in the world, we fear to grow, we fear to conquer our destiny, fear is no more, than growth, our fears that we never manage to fight back become phobias, and haunt us until our last days, the amorphous figure of the monster in the child brain is the amalgam of the unstructured understanding that the child has for the world, as our society advance, so does the fears of the child, he is no longer only scared, of the uncertainty of the darkness, he is afraid for the terrors that even and adult would be justify to be scared of, long gone are the monsters under the bed, now is a imminent attack coming is his way, the fear as change, now unconsciously fearing of monster is isn’t as bad as we can remember.


Glass sculpted, free blow

Dimensions composition:

0.60 X 0.39 X 0.32 meters

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