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Fish a kitsch


Kitsch, nothing more than a kitsch fish, a decorative piece emblazed with the charisma of the old Murano glass tradition, a piece that tell a story about where it comes from, we tend to think that styles are region lock, that what please ones eyes, can only come from one source, one esthetic for a certain precedence, that the identity of the maker will provide us with the full story behind an object, a Eiffel tower souvenir can only come from Paris, this obsolete reality languish in lies, not all esthetics are region lock our most been region lock, this kitsch fish contradiction, is inspired by a town in the island of Bornholm, Nexø. A tropical fish, in the Baltic Sea? A colorful display of static life inspired by the gray nature of Scandinavia during a long wait for summer. Is nothing that the extremely polarizing dream of looking at their habitants and imaging if they dream of a tropical fish as I do?


Glass sculpted, free blow, sand casting

Dimensions composition:

0.56 X 0.50 X 0.35 meters

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